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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  April 11, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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two people is now free. why he was released from juvenile hall >> rain continues to fall around parts of the bay area. >> we have slippery roads all across the bay area to start your commute. we will tell you all about it coming up. >> good to have you with us. >> the time is 430, we begin with breaking news, a massive earthquake hits the water near indonesia. it hit two hours ago more than two entered miles away from the capital. it was felt in singapore thailand bangladesh malaysia and india. he joins us with more on this 8.6 magnitude earthquake >> there was also another 8.2 magnitude aftershock so another morning is in effect but there is good news, right now there is no sign of a tsunami and initial reports say the damage is minimal
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>> this is video taken in the area, chandeliers are shaking and people are running in fear. we heard accounts from people in the area saying that it felt like it went on forever. the earthquake shook the ground for four minutes and there were several strong aftershocks including the one we just told you about. this is a look at our seismograph and we even saw some activity here at cbs five. it was picking up bay area activity at the same time. the earthquake triggered some chilling memories for indonesia. how can we forget the devastating quake, that quake killed 170,000 people in the same province. 230,000 in total. the fouquet international airport has been shut down and in addition six provinces have been ordered to move to higher ground.
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>> a couple of my best friends are in that area right now, they are fine and i'm sure they are in a bar right now having a good time as crazy as they are but after what transpired with fukushima, it is crazy >> it is crazy that the damage is minimal, these can be pretty bad >> so far some good news coming from that type of earthquake. we do have more showers out there and it looks like it's beginning to taper off just a little bit. it pretty good sells lighting up in the mountains but some of us are moving on, don't put the umbrellas away yet. 40's and 50's right now, the roadways are slick. you'll probably needed again at some point today. more storms lining up on the way but let's check out traffic
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with elizabeth. >> the roadways are slippery this morning but we just checked in with chp and there are no major accidents there. you can see that the roads are still wet. it is spring break week for a lot of people so we hope to see lighter traffic conditions on the roadways. no major road or from what we are seeing so here is your drive time across the east bay. the nimitz, westbound 24, so far, no major hot spots. in the meantime we will send it back to the desk >> today funeral will be held for a concord daddy and his young daughter killed by an s-u- v driver while riding their bicycles over the easter holiday. this comes one day after the suspected driver was released from juvenile hall. he has not been formally
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charged so he had to be released yesterday. concord police are still investigating saturday's crash and once they're done prosecutors will decide whether to file charges against that young man. a crash between a cyclist in the man who later died was caught on tape in the city. the surveillance camera captured the death of a 71 year- old pedestrian here in san francisco. it is posted outside the twin peaks cavern in castro and market. san francisco leaders announced a new program to help protect pedestrians and bicyclists. >> we don't have any tolerance for individuals who are not obeying traffic lost including pedestrians, drivers and cyclists. we will be doing education efforts as well as enforcement efforts >> the d.a. says his office is determining which charges if any will be brought if any.
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>> administrators say the future of oikos university is uncertain after the mass shooting. the school's president says negative publicity could threaten already small enrollment rates. class's have been canceled indefinitely. the tiny school had already been facing scrutiny for poor exam rates prior to the shooting. ucla is apologizing to about 900 students who were wrongly told they were admitted to the school. an e-mail about financial rewards went out last week by mistake. the student says all, it is said that all the students who got it will be placed on waiting lists. the official report on the uc- davis pepper sprang incident will be reports that new and. back in november students were protesting rising tuition when they were pepper sprayed. two of them had to be taken to hospital >> a formal, former modesto high-school student has been
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forced by a judge to surrender his passport. 44 rolled james hooker appeared in court yesterday. he was arrested last week on charges of sexually assaulting a 17 year-old girl in 1998. the mother of an alleged victim says the daughter decided to come forward and after seeing recent coverage >> my daughter is a brave courageous girl, very compassionate and she did what she felt was the right thing >> and former teachers passport was confiscated after investigators found a notebook the tailing hooker's planned to leave the country. a former cult leader behind one of the most gruesome murders in california history is expected skip his parole hearing today. charles manson was convicted of killing seven people in the late '60s. if he is denied today his next parole hearing will be in 15
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years. >> and l.a. attorney who is represented of gibson and michael jackson has joined the legal team for san francisco's suspended sheriff. he says he believes mayor ed lee is abusing his power when he ousted mirkarimi from office. mirkarimi agreed to a plea bargain last month when he faced domestic violence charges. a special prosecutor in the trayvon martin case plans to release new information in the next couple of days. that he could get charge soon and lawyers for zimmerman have stepped down. >> george zimmerman is legal advisers announced their withdrawing after losing contact with him. the last spoke with the arm and
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on sunday. >> up to this point we have had contact every day. he has gone on his own and i'm not sure what he is doing or who he is talking to >> they say zimmermann did contact the prosecutor's office directly and suggest that he may have left florida but believe he is still in the country. the attorney for trayvon martin family says that makes him a flight risk if he is charged >> we do have a lot of the anxiety over the simple fact that nobody knows where the killer of trayvon martin is. he is unaccounted for. >> martin's mother says she wants the case settled in court. >> key will have a chance to have his day in court where he will plead for its self-defense if that's what he wants to use a we just want him to be arrested so he can come before a judge and jury.
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>> zimmerman former attorney says they will taken back as a client if he asked. if he is not prosecuted a separate justice department investigation could lead to one. hillary clinton says the situation in syria will be a major focus of today's g8 meetings in washington. the syrian president denied yesterday's deadline to pull troops out of the city. once again called on russia to back a plan to get humanitarian aid into syria >> a rare budget surplus for cash strapped city of san jose as politicians debating whether to use it for more books or badges. city leaders are considering using the projected $10 million surplus to open for brand new never used libraries in the city but after 66 police officers were laid off, some argued the
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city council should be putting that money into public safety >> i think they need to let the politicians know that response times are down significantly >> the mayor says the city pensions will need to be reformed before any new library staff or police officers are hired. >> george lucas abandons his no. 8 studio project. >> how he plans to teach the proponents said lesson >> this presidential race for us is over >> 1 rivals tough talk for gop front runner mitt romney >> have you filed taxes yet? evidence that april 17th,,,,,,,,
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>> the time now is for 42, a shocking display at the l.a. city council meeting last night >> so i guess i will just
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alluded to >> tempers flared after this man raised his arm in a nazi salute during the general comment period. he made the gesture after being asked not to direct his comments at specific council members. one council member was so outraged keefe said he felt like " quality and the guy ". >> this is the very first day of the general election fight between mitt romney and president obama. the gop front runner still has a few hurdles to clear. mitt romney campaign in pennsylvania with a new wide- open path to the republican presidential nomination. >> this has been quite a day for me. >> his closest rival rick santorum suspended his campaign yesterday >> this presidential race for us is over. >> he dropped out two weeks before he had to cancel several campaign events last week to care for his sick daughter.
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>> he will remain a major spokesperson in our party. >> romney has an overwhelming lead in the race for delegates. the former speaker of this house says he still has a lot of supporters >> they deserve to be represented until romney actually gets 1144 delegates. i think it is wrong for people to say what you give it to him? >> his campaign says yesterday's shake-up is not change the strategy. they say it has always been the goal to be president obama in the general election. yesterday the president campaigned in a key battleground state >> need to choose what direction we want this country to go. do we want to keep giving those tax breaks to people like me who don't need them >> he is pushing a so-called buffett wrote. the senate takes up that
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legislation next week. >> george clooney is planning a fund-raiser for president obama's reelection campaign. george clooney will cost next month and it is quite a party. tickets run $40,000 each. the proceeds will go to the obama victory fund. >> filmmaker george lucas has abandoned plans to build a huge movie studio in marin county. the project proposed a new 270,000 sq. ft. facility about 4 mi. west of highway and 101 of lucas valley road. lucas' film sites better opposition from homeowners who had complained about noise and traffic. or in town leaders say the studio would have generated hundreds of jobs and millions in
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tax revenue. in a statement lucas says he plans on selling the plot to a developer who plans to build low-income housing >> it seems like we always need more jobs in marin county and any county sought to why he would turn them away. >> judy arnold says the government has offered lucas free land as well as a plan to reroute the some way system if he agreed to build the studios in that country. >> the commute is no fun though. >> the biggest public works project ever taking shape in silicon valley tamara >> have you filed your taxes yet? out tax day and driving can be a deadly combination >> you show what you're worth and you can get up really fast >> not everyone agrees. the harsh criticism ahead of wal-mart's opening day today in san jose.
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>> still plenty
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>> these pictures capture the end of a harrowing ordeal for 23 cuban refugees stranded at sea. last week a royal caribbean cruise ship rescued the man from their disabled crap near the cayman islands. a half dozen sharks were spotted circling the boat near the rescue. the refugees say they were headed to honduras three weeks ago when the engine died. new research find a link between tax day and deadly crashes. they found over the last three decades an average of 13 more people died on tax days compared to the two weeks before and
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after the deadline. the authors say one of the reasons might be the stress of tax stray distracts the driver's >> the new wal-mart in the south bay expects a big turnout today for store opening. it opens its doors at 730 at it's new location by the allman and expressway. san jose location hired 250 new workers. shoppers showed up yesterday to see new workers stocking shelves, prepping cash registers. in the works, this the second wal-mart supercenter. the company has faced criticism for its resistance to unions. former workers say it has pushed wages down. all wal-mart workers say they don't need to join the union >> the average associate who works in the produce area will make 950 and hour to start where safeway albertson's lucky's can start anywhere up to 1850 per hour so you're making half a
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wage >> you show what you're worth and you can get up really fast >> the new store took over the former home expo space. >> a pretty nice couple of days there until yesterday >> i was celebrating my mother 75th birthday, happy birthday. if you're headed out the door today we have more showers outside. most of it is tailing off into parts of the south bay and the east bay. some pretty good cells rolling through the yellows and oranges, a moderate amount of rain. we may catch a break this morning as the showers will be tapering off but if you're headed out the door, you'll likely need it.
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the temperature's mainly into the fifties right now. by the afternoon we have more showers and a stronger band of moisture moving on shore so probably more of moisture expected. some of the santa cruz mountain areas are reporting over 1.5 in. of rainfall. another band in the afternoon bringing more showers. then we will start to break things up but another band moving in and late tonight and tomorrow morning. temperatures in the '50s and '60s. it looks like the next couple of days we will keep more wet weather on tap as another storm system moves in late tonight and tomorrow morning. another one moves in thursday and friday which means if cold enough storm system,
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>> the giants' home opener on friday, will it be wet? >> it will probably be a little bit wet but only showers and i think they will play ball anyway. >> we're shaping up for another wet morning commute. you will want to take it a little slow. we will tell you about an accident we just spotted and in the meantime we will show you the conditions. pretty much at top speed to market to meet this morning. it looks ok right now between san jose and santa clara. there was a soloist in now with
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one car involved but it sounds like it is partially blocking the slow lane. one example of why you should be extra careful this morning. caltrans says the warning signs are up and this is westbound 92 and so far it looks ok as you can see coming off the san mateo bridge. just wet roads so here is a live look at the nimitz. the headlights are little bit easier to see this time of the morning. if you are continuing down towards the hayward area is it really looks good down towards milpitas. to the south bay we go and overall the live drive time sensors are showing you top speeds up and down the guadalupe parkway. we do have chain requirements in effect for highway 50 this morning so we will show you a live look there.
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>> a major milestone for the bart extension in silicon valley. tomorrow, rain or shine, work begins on the $3.2 billion project from fremont to east san jose. neighbors are being warned that several areas will see an increase of work vehicles. construction should end by 2015. the new bay bridge is celebrating a major milestone this week. crews are pulling the final suspension span cable right into place. in december's workers began stringing it and since then they have worked day and night installing up to four of them per day. when the project is complete it will act like a giant swing. it will be the world's longest single loop suspension bridge in the world. >> can you imagine being a construction worker? april
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showers in the bay area are translating into big dollars for sierra ski resorts. >> finally the surge is not over yet. forecasters predicted that the slopes could get a lot of snow. 20 in. is expected. resort operators say that winter storms are better late than never. >> we made it through february ok and then it was great to see mother nature show up in march and we're not done yet. >> sugar bowl says they spent $12,000 per day making snow to survive the early season dry spell but apparently it has worked out. mother nature put an end to the a's game last night. the game had to be called in the eighth inning because of all the rain. >> eight top college football
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coach is now out of a job. >> his actions off the field that prompted his firing >> san francisco's suspended shares adding some star power. the high-profile attorney joining his legal team. >> a massive quake hit indonesia, we will bring you the latest. >> and s-u-v involved with a,,,,
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>> a massive earthquake and a powerful aftershock triggers years in indonesia. the tsunami warning that is now in effect >> he is accused of killing two people who were riding their bikes in the east bay. why he is a free man this morning


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